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What hotels are good for families in Puncak ?
Many families visiting Puncak loved staying at D'Agape Meeting & Conference, Le Eminence Puncak Hotel Convention & Resort and Casa Monte Rosa.
Which Hotels are good for couples in Puncak ?
These hotels in Puncak are highly rated by couples: Le Eminence Puncak Hotel Convention & Resort, The Grand Hill Resort-Hotel and Casa Monte Rosa.
Where is the best area to stay in Puncak ?
Cipanas, Cisarua and Ciloto are popular with other travellers visiting Puncak.
What are the best hotels to stay in Puncak ?
Le Eminence Puncak Hotel Convention & Resort, The Grand Hill Resort-Hotel and Taman Safari Lodge are some of the popular hotels in Puncak.
Which hotels in Puncak offer an especially good breakfast?
For hotels in Puncak that serve up a highly-rated breakfast, try D'Agape Meeting & Conference, The Grand Hill Resort-Hotel and Taman Safari Lodge.
Which hotels in Puncak have nice views?
Le Eminence Puncak Hotel Convention & Resort, Casa Monte Rosa and The Grand Hill Resort-Hotel have received great reviews from travellers in Puncak regarding the views from their hotel rooms.

What is the Currency of Puncak?
Puncak is dealing in IDR, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to the IDR rate.
What is the average cost for a cheap hotel in Puncak?
It is easy to book cheap hotels in Puncak with high-quality service through our website. Traveltalez offers the best hotels in Puncak at great rates. Enjoy your stay in any of Puncak's cheap hotels in the best areas of the city.
How do I search for my ideal hotel?
Scanning hundreds of booking sites, traveltalez compares millions of hotel prices to make your search easier. Use our filter menu to narrow your search. This will help you find something that is just right for you. Once you have found your ideal hotel, click on the deal and you will be redirected to the booking site to make your reservation.
What can I do with the filters?
Filters help you to select your preferred star rating, the maximum price per night, proximity to a given location, and much more. Whether you are looking to rekindle a little romance with a sweetheart or take the kids on a weekend family getaway, traveltalez filters allow you to find a fitting place to stay.
How are the prices of deals displayed on traveltalez?
On traveltalez, we like to give you plenty of options. On our results page, you will see the total price listed per hotel. The price shown is the net rate and does not include any additional taxes or fees. You can view the full price breakdown on the booking site that is offering the deal. Just go on our website and click on the deal listed. You will be redirected to the booking site.
Where is my booking confirmation?
If your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your reservation. In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours for the booking site to send the booking confirmation. We would love to be able to provide that information but as bookings are not made directly with traveltalez, we do not have access to your booking information. It is always best to speak to the booking site directly.
Who do I contact to cancel or modify my booking?
To cancel or change your booking, it is always best to speak to the booking site directly. Can't remember whom you booked with? You can find the travel provider's name on your confirmation email.
How do I learn more about Hotels Booking?
You can find answers in our Full list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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