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Nile Air | Nile Airlines

Nile Air is the largest private schedule airline in Egypt – a young airline with less than 20 years’ experience backing them yet offering their customers unique products and services.

Their aim is to offer their guests a safe and enjoyable journey whilst allowing them to experience the best services in true Egyptian style, ensuring that Nile Air remains the first choice in air travel.

Nile Air is an airline that was established for the main purpose of offering regular and charter air transportation services for passengers nationally as well as internationally.

This airline is able to capture existing air travelers, and more importantly, stimulate the overall market demands by making air travel more accessible to those market segments that have been overlooked.

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Nile Airlines services for Economy Class, Business Class and First Class

Global Reach Economy Class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Tasty meals onboard

Global Reach Business Class

  • Leather seats with recline
  • Access to the airport lounge
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Exclusive onboard meals

Global Reach First Class

  • There is no first-class cabin onboard this airline’s planes.

Nile Airlines (NP) Overview

Nile Air Information

The ownerAl Tayyar Travel Group
Company HeadquartersCairo – Arab Republic of Egypt
The Main Operational AirportCairo International Airport
Year of establishment2011
SloganOur Customer is Our Guest
AllianceArab Air Carriers Organization

Nile Air & the Alliance of Common Code

Nile Air codeshares with the following airlines:

  • Flypegasus

Nile Air Check-in Information

The option of online check-in is available for all Nile Air flights. The service lets you to check-in your baggage in advance, select your seat, meal options and much more. If you are not able to check-in online, Nile Air recommends passengers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your scheduled departure time.

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Nile Air Baggage Allowance

Baggage Policy

Nile Air offers passengers free policy for checked and unchecked baggage across their network. The information is detailed below:

Passengers are allowed 1 piece of hand luggage (7kg).

Passengers that have checked-in baggage that exceeds the allowance will be liable to pay the excess baggage fees (per/kg).



Customers that are travelling with an infant are allowed 1 extra piece of checked-in baggage (10kg). Additionally, they will also be permitted to bring 1 carry-cot or 1 fully collapsible stroller, if there is space on the flight.

Baggage allowance may vary, passengers need to make enquiries about this before they leave for the airport.

Baggage Allowance

Nile Air baggage allowance permits the passengers to carry the following baggage for passengers who are travelling to/from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Sudan:

Business class: Up to 40 Kg and hand baggage up to 7 Kg.

Economy class: Up to 30 Kg and hand baggage to 7 Kg.

Passengers in any class of service are allowed to carry-on baggage (laptop bag or handbag) of 7 Kg that should not exceed the dimensions 56 x 36 x 23 cm.

For infants from any destination: Infant luggage can be carried up to 10 kg for both classes should not exceed the dimensions 55 x 38 x 20 cm. Passengers who wish to exceed the Nile Air baggage allowance can do so by paying a fees.

In addition to the above mentioned Nile Air baggage allowance, the following may be carried at free of charge:

Infant’s food to consume during the flight

Infant’s carry cot

Fully collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or walking stick or other prosthetic device if the passenger is dependent on them

About Nile Air

Nile Air In-Flight Food & Drinks

Nile Air flights serve a wide selection of hygienic and delicious hot meals on every flight in business class. For economy class passengers, they can buy from a whole range of snacks, beverages, etc by paying a nominal amount.

Additional services:
Nile Air offers several services associated with basic travel services, such as:

The wheelchair services
Wheelchairs are offered to facilitate travel of physically challenged individuals. It is offered in 3 different cases:

A wheelchair service is offered for passenger who cannot walk for long distances to board the aircraft. The passenger can request a wheelchair to move from the passengers lounge to board the plane or vice versa.
A passenger is eligible to request a wheelchair if he or she cannot go up and down stairs.
A passenger is eligible to request a wheelchair if he or she can not walk inside the aircraft from the aircraft door to his/her seat.
Wheelchair services should be requested during the booking process through Nile Air website or any other booking agent.Wheelchair services incur additional charges.

Escort service
Nile Air provides escort service for unaccompanied minors to arrive at their final destinations safely and to reassure their families that the children are taken care of by trained staff.

Travel of Children 5 to 11 years of age:

A Nile Air escort staff member accompanies the child throughout his/her flight until he is handed over to an adult specified by the parents.
The child’s guardian must fill in a declaration form in the airport and Nile Air will check the validity of the child’s travel documents.
A Nile Air staff member takes handles the check-in process.Then, the child is taken to the aircraft where he is received by a member of the hosting crew to look after him during the flight. Parents are asked to stay at the airport until the aircraft departs.
When the child arrives at his final destination, a ground crew member takes the child to complete the check-in process and then delivers him to the person identified by the child’s guardians after verifying his or her official identity. In case of a transit stop, the Nile Air staff transfers the child to a representative of the other airline.
Nile Air highly recommends parents to inform the company in case that the person who would receive the child is late at the designated destination in order to take the necessary actions.
Note: Escort service is not available for children under the age of five to travel without an accompanying adult above 12 years of age.

In-flight Sales

Passengers can do shopping onboard Nile Air. They can select from a wide assortment of products sold at competitive prices and exempted from customs such as watches, perfumes, hardware, and cosmetics just to name a few.

Main hub: Cairo International Airport

Other airports that Nile Air flies to:

  • Luxor International Airport
  • Borg El Arab Airport
  • Baghdad International Airport
  • Kuwait International Airport
  • Qassim Airport
  • Jeddah Airport
  • Al-Ahsa International Airport
  • Al-Jawf Domestic Airport
  • Ta’if Regional Airport
  • Tabuk Regional Airport
  • Yanbu Airport
  • Port Sudan New International Airport

The airline has received the following award: 

  • 2020: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has awarded the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) accreditation to the Nile Air company.

Popular Destinations On Nile Airlines

Nile Airlines FAQs

Does Nile Air have options for online seat selection?
Yes, Nile Air offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.
Does Nile Air allow web check-in?
Yes, Nile Air allows web check-in.
What is the age a new born child can be carried with Nile Air?
Please ensure that your infant is more than 7 days old and under 24 months old at the time of travel. For safety reasons, every infant must be accompanied by an adult. There is a fee for each child.
What is the total number of routes serviced by Nile Air?
The total number of routes serviced by Nile Air is 23.
Can I take a stroller on board?
Yes. Foldable/collapsible pushchairs and strollers meeting the permissible size and weight of hand baggage may be accepted for carriage in the cabin provided space is available.Pushchair/stroller should be stowed and secured in the overhead locker. Its stowage must not create an obstruction to cabin crew and passengers movement nor restrict access to safety equipment or emergency exit.
What is the airline code for Nile Airlines?
The airline code for Nile Air is NP

Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?
Yes, you can make a booking on behalf of someone else. However, you will need the official documents such as a credit card and passport details of the traveler. Note that all the information must be entered correctly.
Can I change name on airline ticket?
Yes. You can change the name on a flight ticket but the airline will normally charge you an administration fee to do so. Some airlines will allow you to change the name on your reservation because of a spelling mistake but won't allow you to transfer your flight to somebody else.
Can I carry perfumes in my hand luggage?
Saudia flights do not permit its passengers to carry any liquids including non-alcoholic in their hand luggage due to their no liquid policy. Go through the baggage policy before booking a flight.
Can I use my laptop or mobile during the flight?
Yes, you may use your laptop or mobile once the seat belt signs have been switched off. Your wireless connection must be switched off (known as “Airplane” mode) and you must obey any requests from the airline's flight attendants to switch off electrical equipment at any time during your flight.
If I need help at the airport, where should I go?
You can go to the Airlines’s staff at the airport.
Who is liable if my travel documents are incomplete or no longer valid?
Under international transport law, passengers are responsible for carrying whatever documents are necessary to enter a particular country. The airline will not be held liable for expenses arising due to the passenger's failure to present the necessary documents. Before starting your journey, you must be in possession of all documents relating to entering or leaving the country you intend to visit, along with any relevant health or documents. If you are refused entry to the country, you are obliged to pay all fines and related expenses levied against you or the airline, as well as pay the airline for transport from this country. The airline will not refund you the amount paid for transport to the point at which entry was denied booking.

Nile Air Highlights

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